Other Services

Propane & Kerosene Refills

We re-fill propane bottles and RV propane tanks while you wait. If you’re looking for the best price, owning a propane tank and re-filling it is going to be cheaper than using an exchange service. As always, you pay a premium for convenience. Exchanges rarely fill completely. We do, which in the end, makes us a better buy.
We sell bulk Kerosene. Simply bring in your container and we will fill it while you wait. It is also cheaper to bring in your kerosene container for a re-fill than purchasing pre-packaged containers at the hardware
store. And, by reusing your container, you’re helping the environment!

Used Boxes & Concrete Blocks

We sell gently used boxes. Sizes vary anywhere from 35¢ to $2.00 each. Save money and help the
environment at the same time.
We also sell concrete parking lot bumper blocks and 6’ x 2’ x 2’ concrete blocks with rebar handles.